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Stepping into the Light in a time of Darkness

June 29, 2020

Principal Planner & Founder of the award-winning Leigh Event Group, Treasa Leigh Brown is a beacon of light for women everywhere. Inspired to leave lasting impressions, she has a reputation of excellence in designing memorable celebrations that capture hearts across the globe. 


As a business owner, teenage mom and cancer survivor, Treasa struggled to find mentors and support throughout her career and life. Her determination to rise is what allowed her to move forward, but it’s this struggle that would inspire her to help others do the same. 


Treasa is actively involved in mentoring women of all ages on various topics including personal growth, business, finance and entrepreneurship. As part of her personal mission to empower women from all walks of life, Treasa felt that despite all of the groups that were out there, something was missing. Under her leadership and guidance, she wanted to create a tight-knit community of women, offering an abundance of resources and mentorship to help them rise against all odds. By uniting like-minded women together, she intends to help women build lasting connections and give new direction to their lives. Bringing heart to her hustle, she created We Rise Experience as the clear path to achieve this.


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