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Leading with Love

January 10, 2020

Nkechi Nwafor-Robinson, is an Executive in Technology, at one of Canada’s largest financial institutions — but that’s not all. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Mathematics, and minor in Computer Science, from Concordia University. Outside of work, Nkechi is involved in the Fitness Industry, and competes as an IFBB Professional Bodybuilder. She is founder and CEO of Empowered in My Skin Inc., a grassroots organization she is nurturing that focuses on Personal Branding and helping humans everywhere thrive on a daily basis. She aspires to leave a lasting legacy, fulfilled through the lives of others she has touched and influenced along the way.

Stay Connected with Nkechi online:

IG Personal: @nkechi_ifbbpro

IG Business: @empoweredinmyskin

FB Personal: @nkechinwaforrobinson

FB Business: @empoweredinmyskin

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