The unstuckable’s Podcast

How to Make Happiness Happen

February 24, 2020

It's been a really long journey - since childhood, Simona had never felt like she fit in. She spent years finding love and purpose in other people, always choosing the wrong crowds and people who didn't value her as a person or friend. Fast forward to her mid-twenties, and she woke up one day and realized she was so miserable, so unhappy, so ungrateful for everything she had in her life. It was so confusing because she had spent her whole life trying to make other people happy, yet the one person  she never gave time or attention to was herself.

In summer of 2018, Simona just plain and simple had enough. Simona recalls "I was sick of myself, my complaining, my lack mindset and not feeling worthy of a good life. While this was my turning point, the courage it took to take action was so much harder than just saying 'I choose end this unhappiness today'". 

Courage came in a strange way - while Simona was worried about wasting her life and not truly living, so she decided that the best shot she could give myself was going to therapy. Simona was not sure that her initial reason for wanting to get unstuck was courageous, but the act of getting out of her head and into her heart was the courageous part. Simona finds it hard to describe into words what courage felt like in that moment, but the best way she can is that it felt like she had finally found peace and finally chosen me. 

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