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How Letting Go of My Ego Opened up a World of Possibilities for Me

April 6, 2020

Sunandini Verma is the the founder of Amrev Media Inc, an Ad-Tech agency in the GTA and founder of a CBD based Skin Care company she started last year called Mahi Skin. Sunandini started her entrepreneurial journey very young, but decided to take a shot at the corporate world in her early 20's. Soon, Sunandini saw she couldn't progress the way she wanted to- and  decided to follow her own journey and get back into business.

Her agency has many fortune 500's under its belt, where they have implemented design work, consulting, web development, app development and MUCH more. Sunandini is the daughter of two determined entrepreneurs and because of this, creating impactful work was always important to her.

In this episode, Sunandini discusses the impact that meditation, fitness and her life's experience has helped her overcome some major life challenges.

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