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Faith Over Fear: Creating a Life on my Terms

July 28, 2020

A former day dreamer turned "Action Taker", and Queen of her own domain, MariaMichelle'lee's early days in the fitness industry, has been motivating the masses over 10 years. Her high energy and passion to transform and encourage the lives of others, through inspirational and motivational speaking. This woman of vision is a big believer in setting intentions, achieving goals and getting those dreams to become a reality; by empowering women to gain a sense of independence, embracing the concept of self-reliance through affirmation building & how to declare the day! Maria leads the way by hosting prayer groups, Love Yourself Mirror Workshops, Vision Board Events and her highly acclaimed, “ I AM ENOUGH” Seminars.

MariaMichelle's goal in life is to "wake up' all women, who struggle to find their true valued potential in being BOLD, INSPIRED & TRANSFORMED !


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